Summer Program

IGS Elementary Summer Camp

Summer camp can be an excellent way of making sure that the kids receive care and energy necessary to develop their social and leadership skills, cultivate their self-confidence, and enjoy themselves while learning.

Advantage of IESC & Further Information

This course aims at creating a safe and welcoming environment for students to explore and enjoy English as much as possible. Fully Qualified teachers will reach English through various activities such as arts, crafts, songs, games and stories. These activities are administered with an emphasis on making sure that the students reach their full potential in a welcoming environment. Others activities like sports, social events, and etc. are placed appropriately according to the student’s age level. The lessons will also include a full usage of the playground and the gym during free time while under constant supervision by teachers.

Providing English learning tools for science topics. Growth of logical thinking skills based on theoretical and experimental learning. Active lessons taught through hands-on lessons.
Lessons that allow students to express their personal feelings, situations and flow of the story through singing. Analysis, empathy, and expressive skills developed through understanding of stories and reinterpretation. Self-confidence increased through satisfaction of completing the team projects.
Using music to express real life situations; dance, visual arts, theater also included. Participatory art activities taught through music curriculum based on sounds, rhythms, etc.
Age appropriate lessons provided using a variety of P.E. equipment. Development of social skills apart from athletic skills such as flexibility, agility, or endurance. Increase of self-confidence and relieving stress through a variety of detailed physical activities.
Art & Craft
Creative activity lessons based on several topics. Comprehensive thinking skills utilized through touching, drawing, coloring, investigating, designing, and analyzing